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Gerard Daniels People and Culture Excellence

The Gerard Daniels People and Culture Excellence Award provides recognition for an organisation that has achieved outstanding results through key initiatives that demonstrate leadership and commitment to excellence in people and culture.

Entry to this Award is open to all organisations across the corporate, government, community and not-for-profit sectors in Australia that have a significant footprint in Western Australia.

In preparing entries, organisations should include details of one or more major people and culture initiatives, for example:

Please note: Organisations entering this category must provide examples of people and culture initiatives that are not related to the organisation's core strategy related to products, services, or customer focus.

Judging Criteria:

In determining the winner of this Award, judges will consider the extent to which initiatives described:

PAst Winner

Brida Pty Ltd - Testimonial 

Brida Pty Ltd is very proud to be awarded the Human Resource Management Excellence Award, which is recognition of our continuous efforts to invest in our people and the people of Roebourne. Believing that 'our people are our purpose, we are committed to implementing key human resource initiatives that support local people into employment, develop personal and professional growth, cultivate leadership at all levels and deliver long term career opportunities.

One of our key priorities is to increase support for local Aboriginal people to become work ready and secure employment with us. This Award is a great opportunity to invest the prize money in the innovative and successful Yirramagardu Crew initiative which focuses on engaging the disengaged in Roebourne, enabling them to 'work for dignity' rather than 'work for the dole'. Under guidance of the Elders, participants undertake transitional paid employment activities primarily aimed at supporting sick and elderly in the town. Work experience provided with Brida and skills gained support the participants' progression to employment with Brida.

This initiative has set the highest standards of Aboriginal community engagement, achieving solid outcomes for the people of Roebourne in terms of increased pride, dignity, hope and employability.

Francois Langlois, CEO | Brida Pty Ltd

Human Resources Management Excellence Award Winner 2019/20


Each Award category will comprise of a judging panel of between five to six business leaders with expertise relevant to the Award. The judges will consider entries against the stated judging criteria and produce a shortlist prior to determining the category winner. For more information click here.


The recipient of this Award will receive leadership and management training to the value of $20,000 to donate to a charity of their choice*, as well as an engraved Pinnacle trophy.

*Refer to the Eligibility Criteria and Terms and Conditions.